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Default !Uptime for AlcoBot

I have managed to make a script that will allow uptime viewing in irc (using ioUptime.exe and some of the code from ioB. Credit where credits due!) which needs tcl84.dll version 8.4.9 or greater but as soon as I put the newer version of tcl84.dll AlcoBot crashes when it tries to load AlcoExt 0.5

The exact error is :

[10:24] [☻AlcoBot☻] Starting...
[10:24] [☻AlcoBot☻] Loading libraries...
[10:24] [☻AlcoBot☻] Error :: Libraries - can't find package AlcoExt 0.5
[10:24] * EXIT

I am using ioFTPD 5.8.5r nxTOOLS AlcoBot 1.11 ioZS Windrop 1.6.17+SSL (Bounty's version)

I am wondering if anyone could shed any light on this.

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