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Well, thats a lie because I just did the following:

1) AlcoBot\modules\ioftpd\nxtools\module.def and removed the "invite" module from being a dependency

2) Removed the invite module from loading with alcobot and i got the following success:

[18:57] [AlcoBot] Starting...
[18:57] [AlcoBot] Loading libraries...
[18:57] [AlcoBot] Loading configuration...
[18:57] [AlcoBot] Loading modules...
[18:57] [AlcoBot] Module Unloaded: invite
[18:57] [AlcoBot] Module Loaded: free
[18:57] [AlcoBot] Module Loaded: ftpconn
[18:57] [AlcoBot] Module Loaded: ftpd
[18:57] [AlcoBot] Module Loaded: groups
[18:57] [AlcoBot] Module Loaded: help
[18:57] [AlcoBot] Module Loaded: online
[18:57] [AlcoBot] Monitoring 3 log file(s).
[18:57] [AlcoBot] Module Loaded: readlogs
[18:57] [AlcoBot] Module Loaded: sitecmd
[18:57] [AlcoBot] Module Loaded: nxtools
[18:57] [AlcoBot] Module Loaded: iozs
[18:57] [AlcoBot] Loading variables...
[18:57] [AlcoBot] Loading theme...
[18:57] [AlcoBot] Sitebot loaded, configured for ioFTPD.

With zero errors and its working fine...

Did you just not want to find out how to do it for me? Well whatever thanks for your script
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