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Default Alcobot + Nxtools invite OCDB module

I've searched and hunted down for this answer to the best of my abilities...but I haven't found an answer..

i'm running ioftpd + nxTools-v1.03 + AlcoBot-v1.1.0

I don't want the invite module and i don't have a user "OCDB" nor do i WANT one..i want to shut this warning message off:

[AlcoBot] Error :: ModInvite - Unable to connect to database "": [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified (IM002)

However, I remove the "invite" module and alcobot won't load nxtools:

[AlcoBot] Unable to load module "nxtools": missing module dependency "invite"
[AlcoBot] Module unloaded: nxtools

Please tell me how to correctly disable or remove this warning message or remove this module. Thank you,

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