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Default Alcoholicz Sitebot (AlcoBot) v1.1.0

  • NEW: Commands can throw CMDHELP and GETOPT errors to display command usage.
  • NEW: Modules are reference counted, so dependencies won't be unloaded early.
  • NEW: Modules clean-up after themselves, so they can be unloaded at any time.
  • NEW: Multiple prefixes can be specified for commands (e.g. !bw and !sitebw).
  • NEW: Redesigned the command option system: prefixes are configurable per command, new permission options, and the command type must be declared.
  • NEW: Script variable definitions are now modules.
  • NEW: Variable definitions and theme entries are now in groups according to the module they interface with (improves ioA/nxTools support).
  • CHG: Changed the section colour format.
  • CHG: Moved sitebot connection code from the "ftpd" module to "ftpconn".
  • CHG: Moved the formatting and variable systems to the bot's core.
  • CHG: Removed the "varFiles" option from the configuration file.
  • CHG: Renamed all library commands and dropped the namespace exports.
  • FIX: The groups module didn't remove sections with no groups.

As far as upgrading goes, there were so many small changes to the config and theme files that it's probably easier to start from scratch.


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