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Hi myates,

I'd like to tell you some things that you might like to know in considering ioFTPd (I too switched from RaidenFTPD to ioFTPD).

-It has a virtual filesystem, supports network spanning so that should take care of all your needs
-SSL will work fine
-Windrop will work fine
-no website support for statistics, however there is a http daemon which as far as i know is still being worked on, which you can customize your own pages to show stats
-the http daemon will enable it so you could add users via http
-you cannot force users to stay in an irc channel, unless somebody programmed a script to do so.
-sfv checking isn't integrated, but this is a good thing. raiden's sfv checking is complete garbage. there are however PLENTY of scripts that do this for ioftpd and you can very easily install one and have your sfv checking functionality

there is no GUI
it's all ftp command based.
there are lots and lots of scripts that you will find make ioftpd much simpler to use in the end, and more feature rich
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