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Default Some questions to ioftpd...

Hello everybody,

We're using currently raidenftpd for our ftp services but we think about to change to ioftpd.
Before we can migrate we have some questions, maybe someone can help me out finding some answers... would be great :-)

Whats about the filesystem? Is ioftpd using a virtual filesystem or it handle the right management with NTFS?
Can we easily integrate SSL connection on a Windows 2003 Server (64-bit)?
Is there support for a windrop? (sitebot using for IRC)
Is there a website support for statistics?
Is there a website for users that they can create a personal account? (Based on a user template defined by administrator (me))
After this registration how can I force users that they stay in a IRC Channel?
Is SFV checking integrated?
Do I have a GUI for all that installation, configuration and management?
Is this all integrated in ioftpd or do I need addons for it? If yes, which one?

Thank you for help.

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