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Originally Posted by whocarez2k5
First off all i'm sry to break up this topic with a kind of other problem as topic starter ment.
Why would you post in this thread then? You know your problem has nothing to do with the original topic, yet you post anyway. It's not hard to create a new thread...

/me shakes his head in disbelief

Originally Posted by whocarez2k5
I'm planning to use AlcoBot together with nxTOOLS but i was wondering if it is a problem that ioFTPD and eggdrop are running on different systems?
i have ioFTPD running at home and have shell account where eggdrop is running.
is that a problem because i see many questions that give me the impression that all tools must be run on 1 system and can't be sepperated or am i wrong?
Depends what modules you plan on loading. Some modules have to run on the same box because they require access to log files or ioFTPD's shared memory functionality.
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