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When scheduled event nxAutonuke occour, I'm receiving this error message:

04-09-2006 20:30:38 "C:\ioFTPD\scripts\nxAutoNuke\nxAutoNuke.tcl" terminated abnormally
--------------------------- ErrorInfo ----------------------------
can't read "anuke(UserList)": no such element in array
while executing
"IsTrue $anuke(UserList)"
(procedure "NukeCheck" line 25)
invoked from within
"NukeCheck $disk(RealPath) $disk(VirtualPath) $disk(Age)"
("foreach" body line 13)
invoked from within
"foreach disk(RealPath) $release(PathList) {
if {[IsDiskPath $disk(Rea
I am using the the new version of the ioA & ioBanana/dZSbot Edition and with the previous one(2.3.0), this did not happen.

Any idea???
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