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Default Slow CPU causing transfer/CRC-problems

Hey guys, based on some early experiences on ioftpd, I was wondering how much of an issue a slow CPU can actually be...

My story:
I got an old box set up on a full duplex 100mbit line. The box is only an Athlon 650mhz with 512megs of ram. Now, as I tried a few different zipscripts, all seem to need more cpu than the box has. Whenever I send a file over, the cpu sits on 100% and the speed doesn't go much higher than 7000kb/sec. I know the line should be able to go faster (downloading from the box goes over 10000kb/sec for example), but it's crippled by the cpu being unable to crc-check the file I guess.

Now the 'capped' speed is not the only problem, when multiple people are connected and busy sending, the zipscripts I tried (iojZS, ioZS, ioSFV) all "drop" a few files once in a while, I presume caused by the cpu being unable to handle all requests or something. Thus, even though all the files from the sfv are physically there, the folder won't say 100% complete untill manually rescanned.

So, I got 2 questions:
-is this normal behavior? Is it normal a 650mhz box can't handle 100mbit upload?
-if yes, is there still some way (some zipscript) to not have those 'drops' I mentioned?

Thanks in advance!
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