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Red face Selective Transfer - it's Not having any of it!

Hi Folks,

I have been putting off asking this question here because I had this same problem a while ago and I know the answer was simple the last time but I dont remember what it was...LOL

I am trying to replace/overwrite just One file type on my server " "

So we open selective transfer, add the mask:- in the file and directory text fields and set them both to Include...

Save/Activate - highlight the directory which contains the whole site locally and click transfer! BUT NOTHINNG happens - just get the message "Transfer Queue Completed" but nothing happened!

I can upload manually but that defeats the object...arghhhh I managed to get this working once before which saved me loads of time - just want to do it again...

any pointers would be appreciated - thanks in advance.

I do have version 3.2.0 build 1080
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