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Thumbs up SOCKS 5 Bind support in FlashFXP


I tested the SOCKS5 support in FlashFXP, and it seems to use only the CONNECT command. So it only works with FTP servers that support PASV mode.

Now with reference to the below thread....

[ ]

...would it be possible to implement SOCKS 5 bind support in FlashFXP?

All that you would need to do is send the bind command to the SOCKS proxy prior to issuing the PORT command. The response to the bind contains the IP/port that the SOCKS proxy bound. That is then sent using the PORT command to the ftp server.

The ftp Server then connects to the IP/port, at which point the SOCKS proxy sends a second ack to the ftp client, with the IP/port of the ftp server connection. At this point the FTP client can post a recv/send to the connection to the SOCKS proxy which was used to issue the bind.

I have just build BIND support into my SOCKS proxy, so feel free to ping me for feedback/testing/anything. I'd love to see this feature in FlashFXP, my favorite FTP client since 2001 (maybe even 2000, don't remember...) due to its HTTP proxy support and pure power.

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