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Originally Posted by EwarWoo
You sure the file is correct to teh sfv? The sfv is normally zips or rars.
If it is correct then check your settings as the zs is set to not check movie files as they're normally samples.
Yea .sfv file is fine - yea and u r right by default thse files types are allowed without any checks $allowed_types = "jpg,avi,mpg,cue,m3u"; if i remove avi and mpg from $allowed_types then what about samples coz they are in .mpg.
Ive tried this configuration ive removed avi and mpg from allowed_types and now it shows mvid complete but next ive tried uploading sample (.mpg) and im getting and error like this:
[1] 226-.----=== ZipScript-PHP ===--,d1'--=== ported ===---.
[1] 226-| + CRC-Check: SKIPPED! |
[1] 226-
[1] 226-Warning: Division by zero in L:\ioFTPD\php_psio\funcs.php on line 4
[1] 226-`-[--------------------]------------------[ 0/0 ]--'
[1] 226 Transfer complete.

How to prevent that?
tnx for your help
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