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Originally Posted by spirit
im new to this script same as nxtools
im running ioftpd 5.8.5 with php psio0.1.5 nxtools1.0.2 iogroups1.0.288 and alcobot1.0.0
those are the modules and configs i use
modules = bouncer nxTools free ftpd help online readlogs sitecmd
themeFile = default-io.theme
varFiles = core.vars ioftpd.vars php_psio.vars

ive configured alcobot.conf to my liking and i get in debug mode this info while i do site nuke or site request requestname
[AlcoBot] Debug :: ModReadLogs - Received event: REQUEST (log: 0).
[AlcoBot] Debug :: ModReadLogs - No variable definition for event, skipping announce.
same for nuke
but here ive noticed that there is nfo for that
can't read "renameFail": no such variable
while executing
"expr {$renameFail ? $realPath : $newPath}"
("UNNUKE" arm line 229)
invoked from within
"switch -- $event {
if {$event eq "NUKE"} {
iputs ".-\[Nuke\]--------------------------------------..."
(procedure "::nxTools::Nuke::Main" line 7)
invoked from w03-08-2006 01:35:40 "..\scripts\nxTools\nxNuke.tcl" terminated abnormally
same for unnuke here
any idea what ive done wrong?
I have 1 more question about invite and nxTools - nxTools wont start without invite module right but if i want only to use site invite i should configure siteinvite.tcl and i did that but cmd works but also no announce on chan so it doesnt invite
i appreciate any help - thanks alot
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