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Default Displaying incorrect filesize on large files

Today, I received this report:

<friend> I've found a bug in FlashFXP, when I transfer files with 4+GB in filesize. The filesize gets ****ed up.
<friend> And with it also all the queue- and ETA values and shit.
<friend> I transfered a dvd iso when I saw this occour.
<friend> The iso was 3,6GB to be correct
<Chotaire> but it doesn't harm the file itself?
<friend> nope
<friend> 3.35, 1110
<Chotaire> so what exactly happens with the filesize? WHERE is it displayed wrong? and how? unreadable?
<friend> filesizes are displayer wrongfully in the two navigation panels
<friend> when above sertain filesize it goes wrong
<friend> 3,5GB = -0.536GB orso
<Chotaire> you mean in the directory listing?
<friend> yep
<friend> when transfering program is unable to calculate 'time left' etc
<friend> the funny thing is, it doesn't occour EVERYTIME!
<friend> it occoured about 3 or 4 times, last time was today
<friend> i'll make screenshot when happens again

bigstar, maybe you wanna take a closer look at that.
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