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Originally Posted by EwarWoo
MKD test (in background, invisible to uploader or his client, directory is renamed)
Transfer Test/file.rar
Directory doesn't exist. Transfer failed.

Thats what he means by break queue and yes it will affect uploaders.
You need to chill a bit bud, he was trying to help you by pointing out the major flaw in your idea, its not his fault your knowledge isn't wide enough to understand what hes saying.
so u are saying that there is no way 2 separate the single "makedir" command from the makedir that is being used while uploading a dir with files in?

and yes true, i dont know much about coding or how everything works in the background.. but if its an impossible thing 2 do without ****ing up uploads aswell, wouldnt it have been easier 2 just have told me that instead of questioning my request?

and also, sry if i come on a bit strong and agitated, but it just felt 2 me like tuff were questioning my request just cuz he couldnt see the point of it, if he just would have explained like u did it would have been way easier for me 2 get it aswell
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