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whe have try nowe and get this error

[R] 200 PORT command successful.
[L] STOR ViRiLiTY.nfo
[R] RETR ViRiLiTY.nfo
[L] 150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for ViRiLiTY.nfo.
[R] Connection lost: HenGor's site [BBB]
[L] 426 Data connection closed, receive file ViRiLiTY.nfo aborted.
[L] 226 ABOR command successful.
[L] Transfer Failed!

from server to server and its not work
I have dlink dfl-200 firewall and adls modem parmdyne
howe can whe get this to work ????
I have open everything to my firewall to the ftp server
its work nice to upload from the lochal computer to the ftp server.
But not server to server
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