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Default VFS question: merging

I got 2 HDDs, and I want to merge my hip-hop section.
HDD 1:
/HIP-HOP/# - L

HDD 2:
/HIP-HOP/# - L

I try mounting them:
"e:\HIP-HOP"               /music/hip-hop
"i:\HIP-HOP"               /music/hip-hop
When I login and go 2 music dir I have 2 dirs called hip-hop there. In each of them I got 2 dirs named # - L and 2 named M - Z. Anyone happens to know of a way of proper merging? Like, since the paths on both drives are the same, shouldnt they simply be merged in one dir called hip-hop with # - L and # - L inside?

Beforehand thankful,

P.S. I am also running another server on my machine, on R****nFTPD, and it merges my stuff just fine.
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