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Currently this is not possible; prefixes are on a per-module basis (rather than per-command). However, I agree this is a useful feature.

When I started AlcoBot, I wanted to keeps things simple and minimal, so I chose an INI-style configuration file. Now that AlcoBot has grown so much, the INI config is restricting further growth because of the difficultly it presents when adding more complex options (like your idea for example).

A few weeks ago I started working on the transition from an INI-style config to an XML config (development is taking place in the xml-config branch, for those of you familiar with Subversion). I’ve already incorporated the idea of per-command prefixes in the design a while ago (see here). This branch is not finished yet, just a glimpse of things to come.

The v1.0.0 final release is just around the corner, so it’s too late for any drastic changes.
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