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Default File overwrite Flash FXP 3.3.5 build 1110

Ok this happened wilst I was briefly using the beta 3.3.5 build 1110.

I had uploaded to site various files of different sizes and all was well... So I started working on some updates and later I decided to upload the files again.

Funny goes to find on browsing the folders that all the files I had just uploaded were now all named a range of non sequencial numeric name tags with the exact same size i.e. file named example 55.71mb now named 58421248.

On overall found troughout the directories where files had been reuploaded that this was happening over and over again.

The files renamed to these non sequencial numeric were the newest uploaded files.

The settings for File exists on FlashFXP 3.3.5 build 1110 was default so it was set to ask for action from user (which never did)

The file type is not the same so I suppose the extension had been changed also...

Oh well so no other chance but to delete all directories and re-upload the updated files.
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