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hey neoxed, nice work on the new fixes/addons

ioFTPD 5-8-5r

I got a small problem, the announce on the nuke line when useing ioA, ive replaced the nuke_log with the one you have in readme.txt, ive done everything accordinly but theres a lil problem with the announce like I said... here take a look

SITE NUKE release 3 test
[MP3] release was nuked 3x by hukker/group for 207. Nukees: hukker (0KB)

Notice the reason...

there was the same problem with the unnuke output, but I kinda looked at the nuke_log you had in the readme and changed the unnuke log according to that, and that one works fine

SITE UNNUKE [NUKED]-release testing
[MP3] release was unnuked 3x by hukker/group for testing. Nukees: hukker (0KB)

theres also a problem with the !nukes / !unnukes output in chan...

[01] release nuked 3x by hukker/%(group) for test.

[01] release unnuked 3x by hukker/%(group) for testing.

the group stuff... also notice that the reason is correct here
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