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I suggested that because I see a great deal of users that do skin a great deal of not only the OS but a great deal of apps...

I understand that when a piece of software is designed from the ground up to be as functional as possible, like mxxcon said ''it's not worth development time''.

Mind me saying that I like the way FlashFXP looks, but I would like it if there was a little more 'pzazzz', the little 'Je ne se quois', Like the English say 'humpf', or like I say a little more flavour.

Maybe it is not worth wasting resources on it maybe it is, but a way of looking into it is via a plugin giving control to those users that would like it and the classic to the ones that dont...

A great example is Stardocks Windowblinds it skins windows xp to shuch a close degree that it wastes less memory and loads a great deal faster than the native windows xp styles...

Like you say if done properly....
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