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Unhappy Strange Speed Problems

Second question here

One server at university I have access for educational purposes.

On that server, strange speed problems occur I cannot solve since 3 Months.

My Tutor at university told me, the prob has something to do with my flashfxp configurations.

The prob is as follows:
While connecting, speed goes up to 600kb/s.
Between downloading an educational script, speed is decreasing to 500kb/s, 300kb/s, 200kb/s, 50kb/s and then spreading between 0kb/s and 48kb/s...

This is the only server I have probs this.
The server has a protected access, has Port 444 and Authentic TLS...
Secure 128 bit access with an configurated secure traffic script for all students, own user ID etc.
Has someone an idea here?

my fellows at university are using other ftp-proggies, so I cannot compare the configurations...

Hope to get help here.
I bought a licence here in order to have one of the best proggies so I am not interested in testing another proggie.

Thanx in advance

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