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Question Dir on two comp

plz. help
my vfs file in Ioftpd ist:

I have home 2 comp

Here running ioFTPD
"D:\\ftp\" /
"D:\ftp\mp3" /mp3 - announce dzBot oki
"D:\ftp\mymovie" /mymovie - announce dzBot oki

and dirs- work and friends on the second comp
"\\\C$\ftp\work" /work
"\\\C$\ftp\friends" /friends
it is possible create announce on dir work and friends?

my strukture in dZSbot.tcl

set device(0) "d: mp3 mymovie"
set device(1) "\C: friends work"
set device(TOTAL) 2
set device(COLUMN) 8

not work, help me...
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