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Default [Old][Fixed] ioBanana v20 announce issue

hi, i am using ioBanana v20 and i have set this thing up 1000 for 000 different people and now i am having an error.

bot is spamming wierd stuff on halfway and done


«% BOT-NAME » [MP3@SITENAME]:[1ST FILE ] USER@GROUP was the first to upload a file in MP3/0211/RELEASE @ 958kBps. 177mb expected.
«% BOT-NAME » [MP3@SITENAME]:[MP3 ] MPEG 1 Layer III @ 222 kbps Joint Stereo Artist: ARTIST Album: ALBUM Genre: Heavy Metal Year: 2006
«% BOT-NAME » [DEFAULT@SITENAME]:[HALFWAY ] ÿÿÿÿ¨Dùwp}õw:ŠõwTÅ/H:/TSM/MP3/0211/RELEASE Sole uploader is USER@GROUP [74MB/11F/100.0%/891kBps].
«% BOT-NAME » [DEFAULT@SITENAME]:[DONE ] ÿÿÿÿ¨Dùwp}õw:ŠõwTÅ/H:/TSM/MP3/0211/RELEASE[ SIZEMB in 21F at 792kBps - 3m 32s ] was uploaded by USER@GROUP. Slowest upload at 810kBps. Fastest upload at 1135kBps.

P.S ONLY words wrtten in bold were edited.

when it comes too the section... it TOTALLY forgets that its in that section and says DEFAULT

any ideas???
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