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It’s a generic message meaning “network connectivity problems”.

When the NT kernel was originally developed, Microsoft decided to create an entire new set of error codes used by NT, called “NT status codes”. To maintain backwards compatibility in the Windows Base API, NT status codes had to be translated back to the older style of error codes. Generally, this approach works quite well, but there are cases where the meaning is lost in translation (i.e. several NT status codes map to the same Windows error code).

The error code for this message, as defined in WinError.h is as follows:
// MessageText:
// The specified network name is no longer available.
Which means absolutely nothing to a user trying to figure out the cause of this error.

Here is where things get “fun”, the following NT status codes are mapped to ERROR_NETNAME_DELETED:
Each of these errors on their own explains the problem better, but we only get to see a generic one encompassing all of them.

In short, there is no single explanation for your problem – it could be caused by a number of things:
  • Unreliable network cards
  • Unreliable drivers for network cards (try updating them)
  • Incorrect duplex settings
  • Misconfigured firewall, router, or some other network device
  • Internet service provider (not likely, but don't rule it out)

Here's a guide to troubleshooting network problems, probably won't be of much help but it is worth a shot. What brand and model is your network card, what kind of interface does it use (PCI, PCI-X, USB, etc.)?
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