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set location(IODIR)			"D:/ioFTPD"
set location(IOLOG)			"D:/ioFTPD/logs"
set location(RULES)			"D:/ioFTPD/help/rules.msg"
# need ioA 1.0.5+
set location(NUKESLOG)		"D:/ioFTPD/scripts/ioA/ioA.nuke.log"
set location(UNNUKESLOG)	"D:/ioFTPD/scripts/ioA/ioA.unnuke.log"
set location(CMDSLOG)		"D:/ioFTPD/scripts/ioA/ioACommands.log"
In the config you pasted you have for some reason changed to the other type of slash, \.

That will be why its not working.
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