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Same problem, not dual processor though

I experienced the same issue. I don't have dual processors but I narrowed the problem down to transfering many many small files. (maybe a memory isn't deallocated or similar?)....................snip
For reference, exactly how many files are you talking about?

I've done tests where I transfer the entire content of a hard drive (50+gb, 100,000+ files) from one machine to another over my local network using FlashFXP without any problems at all.

You might consider is trying the current beta release of FlashFXP. It contains many improvements and fixes that might give you better stablity with FlashFXP.

I would also look at other factors that may contribute to the stablity of FlashFXP. Specifically your software firewall. Software firewalls don't fair too well when an application has to open as many connections as a ftp client does. Especially when transferring many files and each file transfer uses a new connection.
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