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Originally Posted by dawnmaker
I can confirm the bug.
On a win98se right now, no anti-virus, no firewall, no proxy.
With flashfxp336 build 1125 I can login to an isp account/site.
But not all the time. Until this bug appears after one or two tries.

With flashfxp34RC1 ALL login tries on the isp account/site result in:
[L] 220 Authorized access only
[L] USER itsyou
[L] 331 User itsyou OK. Password required
[L] PASS (hidden)
[L] 530 Authentication failed, sorry
[L] Connection failed

After manual disconnnect sometimes the welcome message pops up

MESSAGE: 530 Please login with USER and PASS.
Level: 530
CAUSE: The user entered a command without being logged on to the FTP server.
ACTION: Log on with the USER command, then enter the command again.


No offense but are you sure this is the correct bug? In most of the reports so far (including mine), once a site has been disconnected from and you try to reconnect, there is NO response and NO messages from FlashFXP at all.

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