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I can confirm the bug.
On a win98se right now, no anti-virus, no firewall, no proxy.
With flashfxp336 build 1125 I can login to an isp account/site.
But not all the time. Until this bug appears after one or two tries.

With flashfxp34RC1 ALL login tries on the isp account/site result in:
[L] 220 Authorized access only
[L] USER itsyou
[L] 331 User itsyou OK. Password required
[L] PASS (hidden)
[L] 530 Authentication failed, sorry
[L] Connection failed

After manual disconnnect sometimes the welcome message pops up

MESSAGE: 530 Please login with USER and PASS.
Level: 530
CAUSE: The user entered a command without being logged on to the FTP server.
ACTION: Log on with the USER command, then enter the command again.
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