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Originally Posted by bigstar
Thanks for the quick reply.

For clarification when it wont connect is it because the option isn't available, or doesn't do anything, or does it try but fail?

Does anything show up in the ftp session log (i.e. it tries to connect but fails)?

So far I've haven't been able to reproduce it regardless of my settings or sites.

KingSky are you also running FlashFXP unregistered?
Maybe the bug is limited to unregistered mode. Something which I haven't tested yet.
Yes, I am testing the newest beta version unregistered. I figured since I am probably going to change to FlashFXP pretty soon I might as well see what's coming

Clarification: I hope details will help, I should have provided more details right away.

FlashFXP seems to get disconnected more often than my current FTP program, especially when uploading lots of files. When it is uploading a lot of files and gets disconnected with caching turned on, it will just sit there and not reconnect until I restart the program. The 'connect' option is still available to me, but clicking reconnect, or trying to connect to a different site does nothing.

If I have caching turned off, and I'm uploading a large long list of files, the program still seems to get disconnected a lot. However, now it is able to reconnect and resume uploading 'most of the time'. It still seems to stall out occasionally though.

Whether caching is turned on or off, when the program is just sitting connected to a site and gets disconnected, it does not reconnect, nor can I manually reconnect. The connection options are available to me, but when I try anything, clicking reconnect or choosing a new site, nothing happens. No new text shows up in the error/transfer window no matter which I select.

I know this is kind of vague.. I'll try to do some more testing today so I can narrow down some specifics. Hopefully something here helps.

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