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Default Alcoholicz Sitebot (AlcoBot) v0.7.0

  • NEW: Check for "DNS" fields in glFTPD v2.01 user-files.
  • NEW: Completed Project-ZS-NG support, for glFTPD only.
  • NEW: Module for ioA support, named "ioa".
  • NEW: Module to issue SITE commands from IRC, named "sitecmd".
  • NEW: Module to query glFTPD's data files, named "gldata".
  • NEW: Option to format time values in UTC or local time.
  • NEW: Option to prohibit wildcards in the undupe search pattern.
  • NEW: Substitution type for sizes logged in megabytes.
  • NEW: Support for nxAutoNuke v2.3 (the ANUKESIZE event).
  • NEW: The onel command now supports "-limit" switch in the nxtools module.
  • NEW: Uniform FTPD functions to resolve user names, user IDs, group names, and group IDs.
  • CHG: Moved nxTools event definitions to the nxtools module.
  • CHG: Renamed "latest" and "search" themes to "new" and "dupe", respectively.
  • CHG: Renamed the "GlFtpd" and "IoFtpd" configuration sections to "Ftpd".
  • CHG: Renamed the "ips" array element to "hosts" for the UserInfo function.
  • CHG: The nxtools module no longer reads nxTools.cfg on start-up.
  • FIX: Declare namespace variables before checking their existence.
  • FIX: Grammatical errors in command descriptions (patch by iwi).
  • FIX: Inconsistencies in the time duration functions (patch by iwi).
  • FIX: Nukees were not displayed properly on NUKE and UNNUKE log events for glFTPD.
  • FIX: The invite module passed the wrong number of arguments to ScriptUnregister (patch by iwi).
  • There were sevaral configuration changes, be sure to update your AlcoBot.conf file.
  • ioA support requires ioA v2.0.6, or later.

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