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Default overwrite files

I know i must be blind and i'm just missing the setting, But i'm unable to edit and save changes on any file on the FTP

For example i head into the default.vsf or one of the script files to make a change. Right click, edit, make my change, close, Would u like to changes, Click ok when ready to upload. (using flash BTW)
Then i get
STOR nfo.nfo
500 Error.
Transfer Failed!

I know the problem is either with the nxTools or ioSFV because on a naked install of ioftpd it works just fine. And an old old site packge that was using iob worked just fine as well.

So it's some permission or setting i'm missing.
Using nxTools 1.0.1 and ioSFV 2.o beta 1.28, Also acolbot 0.6.0
I thought it might be the dupe settings, but i have dupe checking off so i'm not sure.

I'm gonna keep poking around of course, but if someone could please slap me :P

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