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Believe me, if you have to go back and "check for yourself", odds are you're wrong.

As bigstar stated in another thread, if you are so paranoid then download a packet sniffer and find out for yourself what is being sent out. Rest assured it isn't your sites.dat, or any file on your hard drive.

These rumors are completely false, what more do you people want? Morons who continually breathe life into this gossip, such as ::cough:: littlefart ::cough:: are only displaying there below average intelligence and lack of maturity.

Don't like FlashFXP? That's fine -- search hard enough and you might find another ftp client that suits your needs. You have to realize by polluting this forum with unverified nonsense, especially after it has been discussed time after time -- you are taking away time from development.

Do yourself, and everyone else a favor and kill this rumor, chances are you will stop yourself from looking like an idiot.
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