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Exclamation Filter for file list or Multiply Mask Select (option: for each site)

This is smth like there is already in the program:

Filter - Highlights Tab
Files can be assigned a highlight color based on a file name pattern.
The first pattern matched in the list will determine the color of the file.
Selective Transfer Menu
Selective Transfer allows multiple file pattern matching to determine if a file should or should not be transferred.
Multiple Selective Transfer filters can be created, but only one may be active in a single session.
Mask Select..
Allows you to enter a wildcard mask (*.zip) and it will select all files with that mask.
When you activate this Filter which I suggest to implement
you will see in you site window only that files and folders which will match the filter.

For example:
I make a new filter for masks: *.zip *.rar *.ace
And when I activate this filter, than I will see only these types of files in the server's window.
And then you can, for example, move those files to another folder.

So you can make this filter the same way as Selective Transfer Menu with that distinction that it will influence not the transfers but the display of folders and files list.

As for Advanced - CHMOD (Change Attributes) you can make the option for this filter:
Separately select File and Folder
Than we will have to windows:
- in 1-st select masks for files
- in 2-nd select masks for folders

And at the end you can add Filter Tab for each Site in Site Manager.
Than users will be able to preselect for that Site masks for files and folders which will override Global Fiilter.

That it.
If you make such function it will be fantastic.

Such function partly presents in CuteFTP 7, if you want to see it in action.
Lack of such function in FlashFXP is on of the reasons I am still using CuteFTP.
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