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Default Bug processing mvids, avi and mpg files?

Hi snype and thank you for a lovely script, amazing job!

Here's the problem;

1st guy:
uploads a .avi file
2nd guy:
uploads the .sfv at the same time the 1st guy is uploading the .avi file
then when psio is done processing the .sfv file the client shows me this, and psio renames the .avi file to .bad, and also creates a complete tag, [SITE] - ( 0% COMPLETE ) - [SITE]
HTML Code:
[2] (06:31:38) 226-.----=== ZipScript-PHP ===--,d1'--=== ported ===---.
[2] (06:31:38) 226-| + SFV-file: oK!                                  |
[2] (06:31:38) 226-| + Bad     : file.avi                             |
[2] (06:31:38) 226-`-[--------------------]------------------[ 0/1 ]--'
at this moment the 1st guy is still uploading the .avi file, and when he is done, the file is still named .avi.bad and the complete tag still shows the same, [SITE] - ( 0% COMPLETE ) - [SITE]

my settings:
HTML Code:
/* These file types are allowed without any checks (types need to be also ignored)
$allowed_types				= "jpg,cue,m3u";
(tried with this also, "jpg,avi,cue,m3u", but got the same results) I'm not really sure about these settings since if you have other sections except mvids, say xxx, which allows avi's and mpg's in their sample dirs, then removing these file types would force psio to crc-check them? hmm did i get that right?

/* Force sfv to be uploaded first, before accepting any files
$force_sfv_first			= FALSE;

$video_ext				= "mpg,mpeg,m2v,avi";
I tried the same procedure with .mpg files and instead of giving me a .bad file + complete tag, php.exe goes into a for-loop or something instead and the cpu is up at 100%, and i have to manually terminate php.exe

Planning on upgrading to 0.1.5 ASAP.

Let me know if you need any help testing,


ioFTPD 5.8.5r
psio 0.1.4
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