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Did some further tests on this..

First I tried to put the speedlimit on 9999 kb/s
same thing happens, cpu goes +80, keep in mind that my maximum download speed is ~850kb/s so in my opinion flashfxp should not even have to react there.

I also then uninstalled (yes uninstall not just turn off) zone alarm, and I still find the same behaviour happening.

Please check this old thread about the same behaviour

To give more info, The ftp servers used are using SSL, and this is happening on both glftpd and raidenftpd sites.

Ive tried to download from (no SSL) and no problem exists there.
I also tried with speedlimit enabled to transfer to my xbox (no SSL) and same thing here, no problem at all.

Installed Zone Alarm pro again (v5.5.094) and tried to download with a trial version of ftprush, no problem there with SSL sites whatsoever.

So conclusion is that the problem lays behind Flashfxp and its ways to handle SSL transfers that doesnt work good together.

This is an really important feature for me, because when I download and max out my connection ALL other programs running in the background times out (msn/mirc etc). Thats why I need to be able to limit the download.

Using build 1110
winxp pro sp2 all patched up
p4 2.4ghz / 512mb ram
zonealarm pro
kaspersky av
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