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Default cpu goes +80% when speedlimit is on

Using build 1110
winxp pro sp2 all patched up
p4 2.4ghz / 512mb ram
zonealarm pro
kaspersky av

when ever i enable the speedlimit the cpu usage by flashfxp.exe goes over 80%
this also happened a couple of builds before such as v3.2final.
I remember an old bug filed here maybe a year ago that described the same thing. At that time I did not have the speedlimit problem.

I now have adsl 8/1mbit and when i set download speedlimit to 500kb/s the cpu usage is high. If I disable it the cpu usage drops back again.
I also tested with the upload speedlimiter and limited the upload speed to 60kb/s and cpu goes high also.
A reinstall of flashfxp did NOT fix my problem.

The behavior is the same wether I download to my system disc, or another disc.

And a quick question.. isit normal that flashfxp uses ~20% cpu when downloading at ~800kb/s?
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