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bind pub o|o !start proc_iostart

set ios(dir) "c:/FTP-SERVER/ioFTPD/system"

proc proc_iostart {nick uhost hand chan args} {
	global  ios
       ### i do not see bin or ano used here so i removed them from global
	putquick "PRIVMSG $chan :-\[START\] + Attempting to start ioFTPD"

	#	cd c:/FTP-SERVER/ioFTPD/system
	### Replaced with $ios(dir)\executable
	set ps [exec $ios(dir)\pslist ioFTPD > nul]
	  if {$errorInfo == 1} {
	# no idea what errorlevel is; assuming its errorInfo
	## if you paste back what pslist ioFTPD returns could make that alot better   				#statement -i need too install io :P
		        exec $ios(dir)\ioFTPD.exe
			putquick "PRIVMSG $chan :-\[START\] + ioFTPD started"
	else {
		putquick "PRIVMSG $chan :-\[START\] + ioFTPD already running"

#	cd c:/FTP-SEVER/sitebot/

putlog "ioStart \[Loaded\]"
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