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Originally Posted by EwarWoo
I now have:
bind pub o|o !start proc_iostart

proc proc_iostart {nick uhost hand chan args} {
	global binary announce
	putquick "PRIVMSG $chan :-\[START\] + Attempting to start ioFTPD"
	cd c:/FTP-SERVER/ioFTPD/system
	set ps [exec pslist ioFTPD > nul]
	IF {$errorlevel == 1} {
			exec ioFTPD.exe 
			putquick "PRIVMSG $chan :-\[START\] + ioFTPD started"
	Else {
		putquick "PRIVMSG $chan :-\[START\] + ioFTPD already running"
	cd c:/FTP-SEVER/sitebot/

putlog "ioStart \[Loaded\]"
and still getting if is an invalid command :/

Think I'll leave the coding to you guys who know what you're doing. Hehe

Cheers for the help anyways bud, appreciated.

Okay Well try if else (tcl == case sensitive) so make all (unless otherwise known) cmds lowercase
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