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I tested the SQLite ODBC Driver and it works fine, although there are a few catches in getting it all setup. The SQLite ODBC Driver is built against SQLite v3.0.7, so you must create the database with a SQLite command-line utility of the same version.
  1. Download and install the SQLite ODBC Driver.
  2. Download and unpack the SQLite v3.0.7 command-line utility.
  3. Create a database: sqlite3.exe invite.db
  4. Import the table schema: .read invite.sql
  5. Create a ODBC System DSN for the database file using the SQLite3 driver.

You will have to edit the invite.sql file before executing it, since SQL syntax varies between implementations. Remove the comments at the beginning of the file (they start with a hash, #) and replace all grave accents (`) with quotation marks (").
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