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Originally Posted by JoC
On a side not, since d1 left io seems to be fading away. I think it is great that _panic_ is willing to dedicate his free time without pay but my concern is if that time really is enough to get this going again.
i'm going to have more time to commit to ioftpd come march or april next year. my time is very short right now, and combined with the learning curve of coming up to speed on development and scripting, i appologize for things moving so slowly.

but i read these forums every day, answer questions when i know the answers, and research the code when i don't. i think about you guys all the time

seriously, i work to keep this community engaged and involved with what is going on. solicit feedback, and listen. though i am a bottleneck, that is a short term problem. i'm here to provide support where i can. give a little back, and have a little patience. i told everyone in the beginning we would feel the affect of not having d1 around. adjusting to that is going to take time.
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