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Originally Posted by goom
I'm not Harm, but I care about his mental health, so allow me to try to help you with that.

Originally Posted by goom
in iobanana.ini i have the option:

## ban ##

so if i add the line

means it will ban ???
Yes. As the .ini comments says:
# ^$
# means IS; will match only

So yes, replacing by any IP address will ban this exact IP address.

Originally Posted by goom
And look, under ioFTPD.ini i added a line like:

;pass = EXEC C:\Program Files\ioFTPD\scripts\scripts\ioBanana.exe ban

is that right ?
Read the ioFTPD installation guide here:
Under the point 2. there's a note that explains what does ";" mean in ioFTPD.ini
Quote: ...disabled options/settings are preceeded by a semicolon ";"

So if you want to DISABLE the ioBanana ban option, then yes, leave a ; before that line.
If you want to use it, then remove the ;

Hope this helps.
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