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Thank you for a quick reply.

Yes, other people can log in fine. As previously stated, so can I if I use a different box (both boxes are nat'ed, so the public ip is the same) using the same version of ffxp.

I tried to install ffxp into a new dir, to see if there were anything with the "old" files.
I was greeted with an error that said (in norwegian, so i'll try to translate) "FlashFXP: flashfxp.exe - Could not find ordinal ; Ordinal 3719 was not found in library for dynamic connections LIBEAY32.dll".
After pressing OK on this, ffxp started as normal. I then tried to quick connect to the site, with the same result. I also tried to connect to one of my old sites using quick connect - and this too failed in the same manner.

I can only assume something with the ssl libs (or a cert somewhere) is broken. There's no extra libeay32.dll or ssleay32.dll libs anywhere - they're only in the ffxp dirs.

If you can shed some light on this issue, it's greatly appreciated.


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