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Question Unable to reset/view SSL cert

FlashFXP (registered) on windows 2000, running behind nat/fw (openbsd box) on ADSL.
On the other end is gLFTpD 2.00+TLS (linux).

This is the log i get:
[18:07:26] [R] AUTH TLS
[18:07:26] [R] 234 AUTH TLS successful
[18:07:26] [R] Connected. Negotiating TLSv1 session..
[18:07:26] [R] TLSv1 negotiation successful...
[18:07:26] [R] TLSv1 encrypted session using cipher DHE-DSS-AES256-SHA (256 bits)
[18:07:27] [R] Connection failed
[18:07:27] [R] Delaying for 120 seconds before reconnect attempt #1

There isn't stored any certificate for this specific site in my settings. If I choose to use TLS or SSL, I do not get a "accept/decline/show cert" popup. I cannot reset the cert - the tab is not activated.
I assume there is something stored in a .dat file somewhere that is messed up, but I have no idea how to get rid of it and still keep my settings on the other sites.
I tried ffxp on another box, connected to the same site and was presented with a cert. The login went fine there - no problems.

My sites.dat is probably very old - I've used ffxp for a very long time.

I can connect to other sites just fine, with or without SSL/TLS. On new sites i'm presented with the cert. But with this one site I cannot do anything.

Is there a way for me to reset the cert, or remove the site from any and all settings w/o removing the other stored sitedata?


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