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Lightbulb jTQ with mysql

hi guys, i would to ask about jTQ with mysql and in particular if follow idea it's possible to do in reality. I have 3 pc ( A, B, M,where A and B are client sql while M is master sql with mysql installed).i would to install jTQ on all pc and and update file jScripts.user.db (on pc M) with data of all pc. for example:

on IRC i have:
bot => ^A ^B ^M

if i have 200 credits on A, 100 on B and 300 on M.
if i write command !update, i would update all pc and then write 200+100+300 credits on jScripts.user.db of pc M. so, if i write command on irc, only bot ^M reply like common ringbot (CTS or ioJTQ)

is it possible or not?
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