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I use both RaidenFTPD and FlashFXP (proudly purchased of course), and noticed the chat options in both client and server before the 1377 update in RaidenFTPD.

When I first noticed the chat system, I could not get it to work interactively...until the 1377 update to RaidenFTPD. The option in RaidenFTPD has existed as long as I have been using it, but just didn't work.

With the 1377 update, the client (using FlashFXP) can send messages to the server (using RaidenFTPD) using the raw command "site msg <your_message>". The client can chat with the server interactively (in real-time), but when the server sends the client a message (using FlashFXP), it is not recieved in a POPUP, but rather, text in the status window.

I belive what pn169 was getting at (and maybe you too, Cadenginez) is that FtpVoyager uses the POPUP on client msg recieve.

What I am saying is that the chat system in RaidenFTPD is compatible and works with FlashFXP; it would be nicer to have a POPUP in FlashFXP as noticing the msg is difficult. But, I would not expect it to be in the next update(s) as the Release Cantidates are for debugging only, and are not feature oriented.

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