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I did the FTP only thing.

Then I think I might have just made a horrible mess. I didn't know what to click on on the right side of the page to transfer, so I clicked on web. Then I clicked on Transfer Queue and it didn't do anything, so I clicked on Transfer Selected. This all was right after I posted the last time and had not read your post above, MxxCon.

So then it started transferring and looks like it transferred everything that even remotely had anything to do with my website! This was around noon, I think, and it just now stopped transferring. I thought it would list some files and I could choose the one(s) I wanted to edit.

Anyway, it just now stopped. It says:
Transferred 4, 353 files
Totaling 33.21 MB in 7 hours 28 minutes 38 seconds (2.2 KB/s)

Then I got a popup over the page from Symantec and had to deal with that. And when I got through with that, the FlashFXP thing said:
[R]421 No Transfer Timeout (300 seconds): closing control connection.
[R]Connection lost:

So after waiting for over seven hours and wondering if I was doing the right thing, I don't know whether the files transferred or not!

First question: Was clicking on web and transferring the entire website the correct thing to do?
2nd Question: Does it sound like the files were not transferred?

Greta (Just about to the end of my rope and in tears)
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