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I MIGHT have made a LITTLE progress. I changed the IP address from to and it said "Connected to" Then in lower right corner it started going through these things like the following:

[R] 257 "/" is current directory
[R] 200 Type set to A
etc., etc., etc.

Then it finally said [R] 226 Transfer Complete
[R]List Complete. 434 bytes in 2.56 seconds (0.2 KB/s)
[R]421 No transfer Timeout (300 seconds) Closing Control Connection
[R] Connection lost. connection lost.

Don't know what happened. Was I supposed to have been doing something while this was going on?

I got the IP address, the numbers with the dots, from my website. After I login, I can click on a link which gives all my info about IP address, domain name, and all that sort of thing. I will go ahead and e-mail them though and ask them if that is correct.

Any ideas about what could have happened with the connection?

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