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MxxCon, you are the one who helped me before and I thought I understood, but evidently I didn't. I am sorry.

I do not get any error message other than it says over and over again that connection failed and connection timed out. Also when I exit from FlashFXP and then go back to it, I get a Norton Internet Security Popup which says, "Program Control Low Risk flashfxp.exe is attempting to access the internet. What do you want to do?" I always click "Permit Always." But I am already on the internet when I do this.

Regarding the Local Path: I have never kept any files for my website anywhere. I've never downloaded of them or saved any of my website. It's all just on my website. I know -- that's bad!

If someone would just tell me what would be the best folder to use for this? Would it be My Documents, Compaq_Owner's Documents, My Computer Documents, or what?


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