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Default Cannot connect to site. Desperately need help!

I attempted to create a new site and do not think I did it correctly because I cannot connect. Will some of you please go through the steps below that I did and critique what I did so we can figure out what I did wrong?

1) For "Site Name" I put, with lower case c, which is the name of my website.

2) For IP Address, I put, which on my website it says is my IP address.

3) For user name and password I put the same as what I use to access my File Manager on my website.

4) Remote Path. I left this blank. I asked questions about this on this forum some days ago but could not understand the answers, but got the idea that it was not necessary. I have no idea what it is asking for!!

5) Local Path. I clicked the yellow folder to browse for it. Flash FXP is listed and is highlighted. Does that mean that is what I am supposed to select? A few of the other things listed are My Documents, My Computer, Documents & Settings, Common Files, Microsoft Works, etc. I have absolutely NO idea what to select here! So I did not select anything. I thought it would be the URL of my website but that itsn't listed!

6) I clicked "Apply."

But I evidently left something off that I should have filled in because it will not connect.

I am sorry this is so long but I desperately need someone to walk me through this step-by-step in very simple language. I really would appreciate it.

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